Gifts Of The Earth



Gifts Of The Earth

Get back to your roots and reclaim your power.

Elevate your life with the power of doTERRA's pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. 


Plant-based medicine just as Mother Nature intended.

Essential oils take us on a journey far beyond aroma and DIY projects. They beckon us home, ask us to stop and tune in, and require continual acts of self-love. When used internally, topically, and aromatically they support the bedrock of our health, vitality, and freedom.

Today's world is quite different from the one we were born into many years ago. Our minds are taxed by fear, stress, and overwhelm. Our bodies are burdened by toxic chemicals, genetically modified products, and pharmaceutical drugs. Our spirits lack the time and space to actualize and emerge. We're hungry for choice, purpose, and connection in our lives. We want to experience vitality, joy and peace but often feel trapped in the madness of it all. What can we do?


The solution is right beneath our noses...

There's another way to meet the needs of our life and essential oils are a piece to the puzzle of vitality. They provide natural alternatives and solutions that help us reclaim our birthright of health and abundance in all areas of life.

Essential oils naturally support our mood, sleep, digestion, cells, skin, immunity, hormones, muscles, detoxification, and spirituality. They help us unlock our full potential and operate as the best version of ourselves.

This is your invitation to join me and countless others in cutting the clutter and getting back to the basics-- to plug back into your roots (literally in some cases!) and walk a healing journey home. As a society we've forgotten that nature is not something outside of ourselves. We too, are nature; separation from her and each other is only an illusion.

When we recreate and strengthen our bond with Mother Nature we unlock the ability to more fully connect with ourselves, each other, and a magnificent power far greater than anything else... our Source, our God, our Creator, and our Truth.



A Life Of Purity & Simplicity


A Life Of Purity & Simplicity

You deserve to clear the slate, start fresh, and feel better than ever before.


Essentials oils replace and enhance your medicine cabinet, skin-care routine, supplements, cleaning products, detoxification regime, and spiritual practices. There's an oil for everything!

Once I learned and personally experienced how pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils work, I went through my entire home and routine and threw almost everything away... I tossed all of the toxic, expensive crap and replaced it with the basics. Now I use less, have less, spend less, and in turn gain greater peace of mind. 

Plants contain the power to naturally ease our ailments, settle our symptoms and enhance our overall well-being. Their essential oils can support every area of your life...

  • Physical health
  • Digestive/Gut health
  • Brain function
  • Skin healing & beautification
  • Mood/Emotional support
  • Spiritual growth & practices
  • Sleep aid
  • Detoxification
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking & baking
  • First aid
  • Thyroid
  • Immune strength
  • Illness prevention & recovery
  • Hormone regulation
  • Fertility, pregnancy & labor
  • Babies & children
  • Adrenals

...Plus so much more!

Essential oils have the ability to enter our blood stream, penetrate our cells, and even pass through the blood brain barrier! They reduce inflammation (the #1 cause of all "dis-ease"), regenerate our cells, and give our body the individual support it needs.

Your body's ready: Give it the opportunity to heal.



The EO Lifestyle


The EO Lifestyle

Decide how you want to feel.

Tune in each moment and as yourself,
"How do I want to feel? What do I need now?"

Here are a few ways I incorporate essential oils into my life everyday:


When I wake...

  • Lemon added to warm water to detox, alkalize, cleanse.
  • Breathe or Eucalyptus inhaled through the steam of my shower for respiratory health and function.
  • Melaleuca (Tea Tree) added to my body or face wash for its cleansing and skin-healing elements.
  • Frankincense in my face moisturizer for anti-aging, cell-regenerating, skin-beautifying benefits AND aromatically during meditation and prayer.
  • Lavender in a homemade facial toner and as a pillow spray.
  • Citrus Bliss, Wild Orange, and Elevation in an aromatic dressing of JOY & ABUNDANCE rubbed all over my body after a shower. It's a seriously powerful way to start the day!
  • Peppermint for headaches, in my smoothie (for digestion and YUM factor), a drop beneath my tongue for fresh breath, or diffused to help me wake up (and get work done)!
  • On Guard on the bottoms of my feet to boost my immune system with powerful antioxidants and provide a warm sense of protection for the day.
  • Whisper as my perfume.

Throughout my day...

  • Balance, Siberian Fir or Sandalwood for a fresh, grounding breath of the forest anytime I'm feeling anxious, stressed, or unsettled.
  • Bergamot anytime I'm feeling depressed or anxious to lift my spirits and settle my emotions.
  • DigestZen or Peppermint after a meal to aid digestion and settle my stomach.
  • Deep Blue after a workout for sore, painful, tired, or aching muscles (plus I'm obsessed with the smell!).
  • Citrus Bliss or mix of Peppermint and Wild Orange anytime I'm feeling tired or lethargic around 3pm and need a pick-me-up.
  • In TunePeppermint or Lemon anytime I really want to focus and have energy to get work done.
  • Oregano diluted on the bottoms of my feet for illness prevention or as nature's antibiotic when I'm sick.
  • Lemon, Lime, Ginger, Peppermint, Wild Orange, Oregano, Basil, and other food oils in my cooking and baking!
  • On Guard, Lemon, Melaleuca, and Oregano mixes for naturally cleaning my home.

Winding down...

  • Breathe or Serenity in my diffuser to calm and slow things down.
  • Clary Sage to promote restful sleep, regulate hormones, and beautify my skin.
  • Lavender added to my bath (with epsom salt!)--I'm a bath girl. Hello relaxation!
  • Frankincense beneath my tongue to calm my mind, reduce inflammation, and support cellular health and brain function. My FAVORITE oil! Seriously powerful...

    ...And this is only the tip of the iceberg. The number of ways to use essential oils is endless and the versatility each oil nature provides us is, quite literally, magic. Everyone finds their own unique, special, and fav ways of using their oils!

When I live an EO lifestyle, I'm simply a happier, healthier, more loving, grounded, peaceful human being. I show up more fully as my True Self and make a greater, positive impact in the world. 



What Are Essential Oils?


What Are Essential Oils?

Nature in a bottle. Literally.

doTERRA and myself are simply advocates of the Earth. Nothing added, nothing taken.

Sandalwood Nicole Joy Inspire.jpg

doTERRA essential oils are pure plant extracts. 

No extra "oil", additives, solvents, synthetics, herbicides, pesticides, fragrances, or harmful chemicals. Just pure essential oil distilled from the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of a plant.

They contain the immune system and innate intelligence of the plant.

They're volatile aromatic compounds that contain the immune system that's responsible for protective, reproductive, and regenerative purposes of the plant. These compounds play a crucial role in the plant's longevity and resilience. When we use essential oils we inherit their magical innate intelligence and immune system into our blood stream and the cells of our own bodies!

Essential oils are powerful and deserve respect.

Essential oils are 50-70% more powerful than herbs. They are a highly concentrated form of the original. For example, 1 drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea. A little goes a long way!

Cost effective and efficient.

These magical drops are small but mighty. You only need to use a drop or two at a time. One 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil contains the rinds of about 50 lemons and only costs $10. That means it costs 4 cents per drop to add lemon to your water each morning to detox and kick start your digestive system as opposed to buying lemons at the store. (Not to mention the ease of adding a drop or two vs buying, cutting and squeezing, plus no more wear on the enamel of your teeth from the acidity of regular lemons!)

Natural solutions for the health of your body, mind and spirit.

They are safe, effective and affordable alternatives to other toxic options and synthetic remedies. Instead of masking a symptom, they address the root of the problem. When used safely and correctly, there are zero side affects or addictions. Hallelujah!

They meet specific bio-individual needs.

Essential oils are adaptogenic. They can have slightly different affects on people depending on what support each person needs. Instead of taking an over-the-counter, one-size-fits-all pill, they meet your body's specific needs. 

They provide an environment for our bodies to heal themselves.



Raise Your Vibration


Raise Your Vibration

There are 3 ways to use essential oils.

Image from melissaambrosini.com/free

Image from melissaambrosini.com/free


Some therapeutic-grade essential oils can be added to water and food, placed beneath the tongue, or put into a capsule to be swallowed. They have the ability to nourish the whole body including the digestive system, mouth and throat, liver and urogenital tract. 

I love adding them to my water (major LaCroix upgrade!), tea or coffee and veggie caps as suppliments! 


They can be safely applied to your skin most commonly by diluting with a carrier oil. My favorite is fractionated coconut oil! (Always liquid, less greasy, great absorption into skin.) When applied to the skin, especially on quick-absorption areas such as the bottoms of feet, the oils can be found in your bloodstream within 30 seconds and within the cells of your body in as little as 20 minutes! 


Essential oils can be inhaled directly from the bottle or by using a diffuser. I also love getting the aromatic benefits after they've been diluted and applied onto my skin! When inhaled, they're known for their physiological and psychological affects. They impact the olfactory bulb and limbic system which affects mood, emotional trauma, memory, blood pressure, heart rate, and attention.

These gifts of the earth are more powerful than we've been previously told or come to understand! 






Pure, Potent, and Powerful.

Not all oils are created equally. In order to experience the real benefits essential oils offer, you must be brutally selective when it comes to choosing a brand to align with.

Unfortunately most of the oils on the market today are unsafe (containing synthetic compounds), highly diluted (additional multi-purpose liquids), and honestly a big waste of your time and money. They haven't been grown organically in their natural environment or harvested correctly in season. If you have an inferior product you simply won't see the results, and could be doing more harm for yourself than good! Plus, there are a lot of mega essential oil companies out there doing business and operating in a way I personally do not agree with. 

I'm very picky when it comes to what I put on, in, and around my body so I did a ton of research before making my choice. I would never advocate for something I didn't believe in 100%.

I've chosen to align with doTERRA--both personally and professionally-- because they're creating the purest, most effective, high quality oils on the planet through integral and sustainable practices that I can confidently trust and stand behind. 

You can learn more about my personal journey with essential oils and the financial opportunity doTERRA's provided me HERE!

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.03.53 AM.png

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade

Harvested straight from the earth — from places in the world each plant grows best indigenously and organically — and extracted in such a way that preserves every ounce of pure plant power. No pesticides, herbicides, additives, solvents... Just pure essential oil. Third party testers unaffiliated with doTERRA test each batch of oil for quality and purity. If anything misses their rigorous standards, doTERRA simply won't sell it. They're completely transparent and make their reports on every single batch of oil available to everyone.

Ethical partnerships with local farmers and growers

doTERRA sources its oils from over 40 different countries, more than half of which from developing countries. Instead of plotting their own farms and dominating the land as most first-world businesses do, they use their Co-Impact Sourcing model to create long-term, mutually beneficial supplier partnerships that provide reliable income, ethical treatment, on-time payments, and fair prices to entire families and communities year round. You can learn more here.

Screen Shot 2017-11-09 at 2.17.29 PM.png

Standing for honorable business model and practices. Changing the way we do business.

I support how doTERRA does business. Every time we purchase something, we vote with our dollars. When we purchase our oils from doTERRA we're voting for an honorable business model that supports real families, communities, and villages who provide us the blessings of a plant that they've grown up with and tended their entire lives. I hope to change the tides of business models and practices through my vote.


Respect for Mother Nature

If something cannot be done sustainably, they simply don't do it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 11.07.08 AM.png

Bridging "the gap"

doTERRA seeks to bridge the gap between Eastern and Western Medicine — it's not "us" vs "them". They believe in working together to bring the highest level of holistic health care to all areas of the world. They're in collaboration with universities and hospitals, working to get essential oil information into published mainstream medical journals so that everyone can be educated on the power of having essential oils in their homes. 

Philanthropic heart

doTERRA doesn't stop at supporting local communities, they ask how they can help each one thrive-- and that differs from country to country. Through the Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA's non-profit charitable organization, 100% of donations go directly to social-impact projects to improve lives in communities where oils are sourced. Funds go directly to projects such as building medical clinics, installing drinking water and irrigation systems, building schools, and providing other educational resources. Money does not get eaten up by travel costs, accommodation, etc. Anyone who volunteers on these missions does so on their own dollar. You can learn more here.

The purity, integrity, sustainability and love behind this company matters a lot to me, which is why there is only one company worthy of my dollar.


Home Essentials

Get Started

Home Essentials

Get Started

Your Home Essentials Kit

The best way to get started: 10 oils every home needs, plus a diffuser. This kit supports your skin, digestion, sleep, detoxification, mood, muscles, respiratory function, immune system and non-toxic cleaning plus so much more!


Your Home Essentials Kit contains:

Peppermint: Cools body temperature, zaps headaches, energizes, settles upset tummy.
Lemon: Detoxifying, no-tox cleaner, purifies air, great for focus, delicious in salad dressings.
Lavender: Calms the nervous system, soothes irritated skin, promotes restful sleep and reduces anxious feelings.
Oregano: Nature’s antibiotic! Powerful immune booster and all-purpose cleaner. 
Melaleuca (Tea Tree): A skin healer, great for bites, stings, and blemishes and can be used as an insect repellant.
Frankincense: Fights inflammation, incredibly beautifying and anti-aging for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, supports spiritual practice.
Breathe: Respiratory blend that's both energizing and calming, clears airways, supports asthmatics.
Deep Blue: Massage blend to apply topically for muscle and joint pain.
OnGuard: Protective blend that wards off bacteria, protects the immune system and loads the body with antioxidants.
DigestZen: Digestive blend that promotes healthy digestions, settles heartburn, bloating, cramping and nausea.

Image from yourlifeasartessentials.com

Image from yourlifeasartessentials.com

10 SIMPLE things you can do straight away with your oils:


Reduce signs of aging and feel like an absolute goddess: Buy some organic rosehip oil, (remove a squirt) and add 15 drops each of Frankincense and Lavender. Frankie is the skin KING and Lavvy is his QUEEN! Lavender is great for the top layer of skin and Frankie is great for second layer (cell renewal and collagen production!) My face has NEVER been as clear as it is today. OR Stew some apples and pop a drop or two of On Guard in there. It tastes like Christmas! (Stewed apples are a probiotic and the On Guard has two of the highest edible anti-oxidant compounds on the planet in it - Cinnamon and Clove oil which = less free-radical damage + lower oxidative stress which = we AGE LESS!)

Kick anxiety and depression to the curb: Believe me, I know these emotions well! Here's what to do: dilute 1-2 drops of Lavender into your fractionated coconut oil and rub onto the bottoms of your feet. Dilute 1-2 drops of Breathe onto your chest and massage over your heart (then take a few deep breaths cupping your hands over your nose to inhale the oils). Pop 5 drops of Lemon into your diffuser and inhale. Place a drop of Frankincense under your tongue or drop a few into your diffuser and sit in meditation for 10-20 minutes. Do any or all of these and I GUARANTEE you will notice a massive shift in your emotional state.

Increase athletic performance and support achy muscles and joints: Love to workout? Me too! Put one drop of Peppermint in your water bottle for instant alertness, to remain cool, and open airways. Increase in O = better performance. Dilute and massage Deep Blue into your sore muscles after a workout so they don't continue to ache the next day. Sit all day at a desk or work a lot on your laptop? Rub Deep Blue along your tight shoulders and traps for relief and relaxation.


Tame your tummy: Rub DigestZen onto your stomach or add a drop to water and sip after a big meal to aid your digestive process (no need for Tums!). Sipping on a drop of Peppermint in water works wonders too!

Pimp out your food and drinks: Try adding one drop of Peppermint to your hot chocolate or smoothies for a peppermint choc-chip flavor. Your life will change...so yum! Add a drop of lemon to warm water in the morning (powerful detoxifier!) or to your green smoothie! Add 1 drop of Oregano to a pot roast or red sauce. 

Boost immune system and recover from illness: Dilute and rub a drop of On Guard and Oregano onto the bottoms of your feet before bed. Diffuse Breathe or On Guard to reduce seasonal allergies, support respiratory health, and kill germs and airborne pathogens.

Sleep like a bear during hibernation : Place a drop of lavender on your pillow and sleep like a bear in hibernation. Place a drop of Frankincense beneath your tongue to calm your mind and body. Diffuse Breathe as you wind down and keep next to you while you sleep.

Support healthy hair & scalp: Add about 10 drops of Melaleuca (Tea Tree) and Lavender to your shampoo and conditioner to reduce inflammation, protect the scalp and keep your hair smelling wonderful! 

Zap headaches: Dilute a drop of Peppermint and Lavender in your fractionated coconut oil and massage into temples and back of neck. (You won't need Advil or Tylenol anymore!)

Clean & freshen up your entire home without a single chemical: Add any combination of On Guard, Lemon, Melaleuca, and Oregano that your sniffer loves to equal parts water and white vinegar in a glass spray bottle. Want everything to smell like Christmas? Use the On Guard blend! Lemon and water in a glass spray bottle will clean your mirrors and windows streak free! Put 3 drops of lemon oil and OnGuard in a small open container of baking soda in your pantry to ward off bugs, remove moisture from the air and keep any room of your home smelling fresh!


You don't just the oils, you get us too!

Here's what else you'll receive when you purchase your oils and join our family:

  • Welcome Booklet. A welcome email with a gorgeous PDF outlining the basics on how to get started.
  • 150 Uses for Your Home Essentials Kit & Home Essentials Kit How To's PDF.
  • 30 minute Oils Empowerment Session with me. We’ll make sure you have the oils you need and that you’re getting the most of your membership. 
  • Access to me and my team! We are here to answer any questions you have and support you on the entirety of your health journey.
  • Essential Oil Starter Series. Once a week for six months you'll receive super fun and informative oily education straight to your inbox. We want to make sure your oils are getting put to use!
  • Wellness Essentials and Empowered & Free Tribes. You'll have access to Facebook groups where people share their health expertise and experience with the oils daily. Pop in to ask a question or leave a suggestion! 
  • Path to Freedom. Everything you need to create a 7-figure business even if you're so not a biz person. An online course (with highly engaged Facebook group) created by bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini, business expert Nick Broadhurst, and 7-figure doTERRA earner Tara Bliss. All you have to do is plug straight in. (If you're interested in exploring the business opportunity learn more here and here. Reach out and let's schedule a date to chat!)

Become a member and receive wholesale pricing!

No monthly minimums or reoccurring orders necessary. There are 2 ways to become a member:

* Option 1 (Best Choice & Most Cost Effective): Start with an Enrollment Kit to receive wholesale pricing, waive the $35 enrollment fee and receive an even greater discount on products when purchased together.

There are a variety of enrollment kits depending on where you live. Click to discover which Enrollment Kits are available to you:

United States | Canada | Australia | Europe | New Zealand | Hong Kong | Other

The most popular kits and what I highly recommend are the Natural Solutions Kit and the Home Essentials Kit.  I also encourage you add the Fractionated Coconut Oil to your first order if it's not included in your kit so you can dilute your oils and begin using them safely and effectively straight away!

* Option 2: Pay a $35 enrollment fee.

With this membership you get unlimited oils and products at wholesale pricing for an entire year. (The second year is a $25 membership fee, however you will also receive a free bottle of peppermint so it evens itself out.) 

Choose any single oils, blends, or products you like from the product guide or price list found through my doTERRA website link at http://www.mydoterra.com/sarahdoolittle/ and create your own custom order. No minimum or continuous order is required. If you choose this option, make sure too add the $35 'Introductory Welcome Packet' to your order at checkout to purchase your membership and receive wholesale pricing. 

* When you’re ready to purchase, follow these directions carefully.

  • Click this link: http://www.mydoterra.com/sarahdoolittle/
  • Click Join & Save at the top of the page.
  • (Click Join doTERRA at the bottom righthand corner of the page.)
  • Choose the country and language that’s appropriate for you.
  • If asked, select the shipping option for your country or closest to where you live.
  • Select Wellness Advocate (NOT Wholesale Customer or Preferred Member Prices) to get the same generous discount on your oils as I do.
  • Enter your personal information. I recommend you do include your tax information if asked.
  • Choose a password.
  • At Enroller ID, make sure my number 5044701 is displayed then click verify to see my name. 
  • Purchasing a kit waives the $35 enrollment fee and is the smartest way to join. The most popular kits and what I recommend to get started are either the Natural Solutions Kit or Home Essentials Kit. If you want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you’re not enrolling with a kit. 
  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.
  • Once your payment processes, you’ll be asked whether you want to set up your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) order. This is voluntary, however, if you’re looking at exploring the business opportunity, a monthly order is essential so you can get paid commissions. If you’re simply interested in being a customer, you’ll LOVE the LRP for the free product incentives! This is a great video to watch and learn more! If you enrolled with the Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit, Home Essentials Kit, or Natural Solutions Kit I suggest adding the mood management oils (Elevation, Serenity, Citrus Bliss, and Balance) to your LRP order for the following month. Of course, feel free to select ‘No’, and I can run you through doTERRA's super generous Loyalty Rewards Program and how it works later. If you do decide to go ahead and set this up, select a date — preferably between the 2nd and 7th of next month and you’ll receive a FREE oil from doTERRA if your order reaches 125PV or more. (PV = Product Value, most cases equivalent to the dollar amount). To finalize your LRP, select your oils, and enter your payment details one more time. Please note: your credit card will NOT be processed until the date you’ve selected for shipping and you can update your order at anytime if you change your mind.

Want free oils?

Let's have a party with you and your friends! It's a great excuse to gather the ones you love all together and support one another in achieving optimal health, and bring the world closer to natural, healthy, and alternative solutions. Workshops can be held in person or online! As a thank you for hosting, you'll receive the highest commission rate (20%) from the total purchase of your party to put towards your oils that month AND a little prezzie from me too! xo

Write me at sarah@sarahdoo.com or fill out the contact form below.


Questions? Send me an email at sarah@sarahdoo.com or fill out the form below. 

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