Maggie Jackson

I was a huge skeptic of coaching at first.

I couldn’t see how someone who knew nothing about me could actually help with the anxiety I’d been struggling with for years. I’d worked with therapists in the past, and didn’t see how this would be any better or different.

There were things holding me back from my past, and I thought I could deal with them by myself. When that didn’t work I eventually realized my need for something different so reached out to Sarah specifically. 

Sarah is a strong woman who has a heart that words cannot describe.

She made me feel comfortable the first time we spoke. She helped me see and release the things that were negatively affecting me, that I previously had no idea about. At that time in my life I was filled with fear: fear of failing, losing myself, stress, and even fear of fear itself. It was debilitating.

I wished portions of my life away because fear. As we talked through all of this, I realized how different Sarah is from anyone else I’ve ever talked to in the past.

She helps you not only tackle the spot you’re in right now, but also prepares you for the future. She guides you in a holistic approach for healing and sets you free.

Sarah was much more than just another person to talk to about my problems. She helped me find ways of channeling my stress, worries, and doubts. She introduced me to new ideas and techniques that I was originally skeptical about, but ended up helping me more than I could have ever imagined.

Therapists in the past helped me cope with my anxiety and depression, whereas Sarah showed me how to not be defined by it.

She helped me see that anxiety and depression do not have to control or consume me; I am able to overcome them. The coolest part of the whole process is that I have!

There are still hard times, but Sarah has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and tools to help me become the best person I can be.

I realized that the events in my life have lead me to exactly where I am meant to be, and that I am capable of so much more than I can even imagine.