Hilary Dickinson

I just want to say thank you. Thank you for helping me, but mostly thank you for being so kind and warm. It’s easy to be nice virtually through a computer but your kindness goes farther than the screen. I feel it when I read your words; it’s like a getting a hug after a rough day. Even the things you don’t write to me directly, touch my heart.

Here I was: young, happy, loved, healthy and free, but a cloud of anxiety consumed me.


My mind silently screamed, “You have to do more! You can’t rest. You haven’t earned it.” The thoughts in my head would leave me in an anxious tornado, spiraling downward into a slew of negative emotions, until the day was over and I had nothing of true value to show for it.

I was in a vicious cycle of panic. All I wanted was to feel calm and at peace.

I was nervous to reach out to Sarah since battling anxiety seemed like such an adolescent problem to struggle with. I was ashamed and embarrassed of it since there seemed to be no plausible cause for the anxious feelings that drove me crazy.

I could tell in our first email correspondence that Sarah would be able to help me. Every time we spoke it was groundbreaking. She reminded me of the goodness within us all, including myself. She helped me see that I am truly enough, and that I can rest while still maintaining a drive for life.

Since working with Sarah I go through my day without the nagging voice telling me I’m not good enough or what I should be doing.

Challenges still arise, but I no longer sit and embellish these fears. Gone are the days of waking up panicked in the middle of the night. Sometimes I let the dishes pile up, and I know it’s all going to be ok.

I am not my mind, I am Hilary! I’m aiming to be more and more authentic and true to my Ultimate Self.

Thank you, Sarah, for your amazing, tear-jerking, heart-hugging, knowledgeable coaching!