Emily Bennet

I spoke with Sarah during a time when I felt stuck and unhappy at my current job.

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I was given so many wonderful opportunities and experiences at work, but had lost my true passion and drive.

Sarah challenged me to think about what I truly wanted to do in my life, what mattered to me most, and gave me true happiness. I wasn't sure if I should follow a dream I had in the fitness industry or stick with what I was already doing. 

Sarah is someone who always knows how to ask the right questions.

When she asked which I’d choose if I had to pick between one or the other, I knew the answer right away. I couldn’t imagine giving up my passion for fitness and health. I signed up the very next day to further my studies and complete my certification in fitness.

I was so excited about my decision and shared it with everyone in my workplace. Everyone was extremely supportive and encouraging.

If it hadn’t been for Sarah’s advice, reinforcement, and support in chasing after what I truly wanted, I wouldn’t be in an industry I love working in everyday.

Now I've completed my certificates, am coaching at the local CrossFit gym, and building my own personal training business.

I am very grateful for all of the invaluable conversations and time spent with Sarah.