How To Approach Positive Change In Your Life


At the beginning of the year I see so many people setting amazing goals and intentions for themselves as they dive into the year ahead. It’s a really exciting time, full of hope, possibility and positive change. I see people ready to shed layers of the old, and step fully into the new. With that said however, I notice a few things in myself and others at this time that concerns me. 


The #1 problem I see when working to make a positive change in one’s life is this:

The actions of the goal or intention are being driven by a negative force.


Before going any further, I want to make one thing abundantly clear:

Raising your personal standards and wanting a better life for yourself, family, others and the world is a GOOD and thing! 

Don’t hear me wrong; it’s a WONDERFUL thing to look at what you don’t like in your life and want to change it for the better. I truly believe that herein lies our inner-compass towards the person and life we are called to live.

Maybe this year you want to:

- Step up in your career
- Lose weight
- Eat healthier
- Deepen your relationships
- Increase your income
- Grow in your faith
… the this goes on!

These are all great! Just don’t make the mistake of being DRIVEN to achieve them by the WRONG PERSON for the WRONG REASONS.

I’ll explain more on this below, but begin now by looking at one of your goals this year and ask yourself:  "Why do I want to achieve this?” AND “Why do I think this?"

… continue asking yourself these questions until you get to the deeper CORE of why you want something.

For example:

Goal: I want to take my career to the next level this year.
Why? Because I want to be leader and make more money.
Why? Because I’m ashamed of my current position and amount of income.
Why? Because I feel like a failure compared to those around me.

Goal: I want to lose weight.
Why? Because I want to look and feel better in my body.
Why? Because I am embarrassed by how my body looks.
Why? Because I don’t think I’m beautiful and no one else will either.

At the core there always seems to be some form of fear, shame, hate, guilt, or insecurity about who we are and the life we currently have. Question the truth of that underlying thought or belief! (Hint: As much as you might believe it, it’s NOT true!!)

IMPORTANT: Do not judge yourself for what you discover a couple layers below the surface. Simply bring awareness to the thought or belief at the bottom. Trust that your true, highest self will know what to do with it once it’s been brought out into the light. 

It’s ok if you've arrived at a new goal or desire from some form of fear, self-hate, disgust or despair. This is good! It means you’re ready to evolve into the next best version of yourself. You’re done hiding, done playing small, and done doing things that aren’t good for you and your relationships anymore. Woohoo!

You just don’t want that false voice inside you DRIVING your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards your goal for something greater. 

From a place of self-love, now ask yourself:

“What do I want to be driven by?”
“What do I want to think and believe?”
“What thought or belief would support me?”

Because here’s the truth:

The ENERGY behind what you do is so much more important than the actual act itself.


If you listen to, believe in, and give control over to the negative thoughts and beliefs you have a the core of your desires, you will be guided by FEAR, HATE, and SCARCITY.

  • You won’t get very far.
  • You won’t be inspired.
  • You’re more likely to fail.
  • You won’t make a long-term or sustainable change.
  • You’ll be miserable along the journey and in the process of achieving it.
  • You may outwardly succeed but not FEEL fulfilled from within.


Instead: If you listen to, believe in, and give control over to your TRUE AND HIGHEST SELF, you will be guided by LOVE, HOPE, and ABUNDANCE.

  • You will be motivated and inspired.
  • You’re more likely to achieve your goal.
  • You’ll accomplish and learn more than you imaged.
  • You’ll make a long-term, positive change.
  • You’ll enjoy the journey and trust the process.
  • You’ll be an example for others to do the same.


So, my friend, WHO is guiding you? WHAT are they saying? What thought or belief are you ready to let go of to make your goals and desires happen this year?

Once you get rid of the negative force driving you, choose something else to put in its place!

Replace fear with love.

Choose to stand up this year, go against the grain, the norm, and the status quo. Live a life guided by love. At the core, that’s all there ever is: some form of hate, or some form of love. Which will you choose?


Let me know in the comments below:

What is one of your major goals this year?

What negative thought or belief are you letting go of that no longer serves you?

What are you choosing to be driven by instead?

Big love,


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