Tired of dealing with the same problems of fear, anxiety, lack of confidence, self-esteem, or depression? 

We all struggle with these to some degree, and unfortunately we have a tendency to over-label and identify ourselves as such by saying,

“I’m just not confident.”
“I am depressed.”
“I have anxiety.”

I used to say things like this, and I’m done saying them. Quite honestly,  I’m sick of hearing other people say them too. Not only are they NOT true, they are extremely disempowering. Just by thinking and saying them, we actually make them true in our lives. It’s very sad.

HEAR ME! You are not depression. You don’t have anxiety. You are not fear. You are not incapable of confidence. You are none of theses things! 

You’ve just gotten really good at thinking the wrong things. Things that aren’t true, helpful, or empowering. And because you’re thinking them, your brain looks for ways to validate them, therefore making them show up as true for you in your life.

The truth is simply this: You get good at whatever you practice. Especially in this case, the thoughts that occur consistently on auto-pilot in your mind.

Are you aware of what’s happening inside of your head? If you were, you would be astounded. I was and I still am! To this day, I catch myself having the most ridiculous, horrible and untrue thoughts. Thoughts that I would never say to another person, yet I say to myself. Do you do this too?

Would you really say to your best friend, “You’re such a failure. You’re a burden. There’s something wrong with you. You’ll never achieve anything.”

No! Yet we say things like this to ourselves. And because of it, we pay the price, and so does everyone around us when we aren’t able to show up as our best and true selves. 

On average, we have 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day. The majority of which are the exact same ones we had yesterday. We are living on repeat. 

The brain is the most magnificent machine we have to work for us, but it’s also extremely lazy. It simply repeats whatever it’s done before and gotten good at thinking. It goes into default mode. This is why we so easily get stuck in ruts of negative thoughts, feelings, actions, and results


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But there is hope! There is always hope.

You can train your brain to think different thoughts, answer different questions, and look for different things. You can literally create new neurological pathways in your brain! You can literally change your brain chemistry! It’s phenomenal. 

I first learned of this idea from one of my teachers, life success coach Tony Robbins. He uses the term “Mental Priming” to describe how we can take this theory and put it into practice. 

His suggestion? Set aside time each day to consciously choose empowering, positive, and uplifting thoughts.

It sounds incredibly simple (almost annoyingly simple!), but it takes discipline, practice, and consistency to truly master the art of re-wiring and changing your brain to work for you in thinking the right thoughts that lead to creating a better life for yourself. 

He suggests taking 5-10 minutes in the morning to set yourself up for success for the day.  Ask your brain to answer a series of questions:

What am I happy about right now?
What am I excited about right now?
What am I proud of right now?
What am I grateful for right now?
What am I committed to right now?
Who do I love and who loves me?

I’ve done this practice in the morning consistently, and it’s made a huge impact on not just my morning, but my entire day! Remember: our lives are the sum of our days! 

In addition to this, I also put questions and phrases on repeat in the reminders app on my iPhone, to go off at different times throughout each day. I recently got an apple watch and am able to get the messages with even greater ease.

For example:

9am: What would my best self do?
11am: What would I do if I truly believed in myself?
1pm:Be present. Come back to the power of now.
3pm: I trust God. Show up imperfect in love.
5pm: What am I thankful for?
7pm: Be here now that is all the exists.

And at night, consider reflecting back on your day, and asking yourself these questions before going to sleep:

How did I receive today?
How did I give today?
What did I learn today?
How has today added to the quality of my life?
How was today an investment in my future?

You don’t have to do everything I offered above, but I promise that if you commit to doing this kind of work, you will be so much happier, content, trusting, and thankful. As a result in your life, you will be more confident, successful, and driven in all that you do.

We want something more complicated than that, but the truth is that real, long-lasting change comes from redirecting our minds to see the good. So I lovingly encourage you to stop taking the easy way out by thinking negative and un-empowered thoughts. Be done with it! Be courageous. Take the road less traveled, put in the work, and you will reap the benefits of a full and abundant life.

Take action. I’d love to hear from you

Which practice above are you going to commit to for the next 30 days?

What practices do you use to clear out the negative clutter and choose positive thoughts?


Cheering you on!


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