5 Tools to Help You Make The Right Decisions + Take Action Every Time

How many times have you caught yourself saying “I don’t know”?

I don’t know what to choose.
I don’t know how to respond.
I don’t know how to handle this sticky situation.
I don’t know how to make it happen.
I don’t know what to do next.
I don’t know what I should do.
I don’t know how to do it.

Yikes, right!? We all do it.

Here’s the truth: “I don’t know” is just an excuse that keeps you stuck and living small. You and I both know that you’re so much better than that. Here are 5 ways to combat “I don’t know”, so you can take action in accordance with your values and move forward with confidence. These will help you access the personal power and inner wisdom you already have inside, and learn how to make the right decision for yourself every time.

1. Get Curious + Ask Questions

“I don’t know” is there for a reason. It’s an invitation to look deeper and go within. It’s an opportunity to learn something about yourself, as well as a chance to personally grow and develop.

When “I don’t know” shows up, look at it and ask yourself:
“Why don’t I know?”
“What am I missing?”
“What do I need?”
“What am I forgetting?"

Remember to start with an inner focus, instead of looking outside of yourself. In other words, don’t blame a circumstance or another person for your indecision or uncertainty.

2. Raise Consciousness + Look Within

Bring awareness to the thoughts and beliefs you have about yourself, lying beneath the surface. Question their validity. Ask yourself:

“What am I thinking right now that’s keeping me from knowing? Is that really true?”
“What do I believe about myself or this situation that’s keeping me stuck? Is that really true?”
“What is actually in my way?”

3. Use the Future

Go to a place in the future where you have already achieved the outcome you desire. From that place, ask yourself how you did it! Work backwards from the end result, to where you are in this moment right now. When you do this, all kinds of information will come flooding out of you that you didn’t know you had!

4. Ask your Best Self

Consider the person you aspire to be in the future, and see him/her in your minds eye. While looking at the best version of yourself, the person you want to become, ask yourself:

“What would he/she do in this situation?”
“How would he/she respond and act?”
“What does he/she have to say about this?"
"How would he/she handle it?”
“What would he/she remember, know and believe to be true?"

From this place, you step into and begin living into the person you really want to be. You go from an un-empowered state of “I don’t know”, into the greatest, wisest and most mature version of yourself.

5. Phone a Friend

Think of someone you really admire. Someone who lives out the same values in life as you do. You don’t actually have to call them or ask them for advice. Instead, in that moment, ask yourself:

“What would they do?”
“What would they think?”
“What approach would they take?"

Bonus: Take Responsibility + Set a Deadline

If you’re still struggling with the best way to move forward, put a time limit on yourself. How long are you going to choose to stay stuck and uncertain? 

Tip: Consider what you are losing or missing out on by not getting clear, making a decision, and taking action to move forward.
Tip: Clarity comes from action, not thought. 
Tip: Know-how without implementation isn’t going to help you. Use the tools above as a daily practice!


How do you combat “I don’t know” in your life? What strategies have you found that work well for you? Share with us in the comments below!

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