I’ll be honest, the last few months living in Sydney have been hard for me. I felt homesick, confused, stressed, tired and scared. I’d lay in bed at night unable to sleep. “What are we doing?”

I had forgotten. 

We set out on an adventure for 3-6 months, and over a year later we are living and working on the other side of the world?

Are we crazy?!

Like climbing a mountain and then looking down at how far you could fall (…instead of looking ahead at the secure rope you’re attached to, or out at the beautiful scenery you can now see that you couldn’t before, or up to the infinite possibilities of the summit…)

I felt so far away from my community of family and friends. So disconnected from what made me ME.

I looked to all that I did NOT have, instead of to what I DID have.

I never lost myself. That’s impossible. But I definitely lost sight of who I was and what I was living for.

Amidst the discomfort, there was always a voice deep inside of me if ever I chose to listen:


“This pain is for a purpose. I will use this to help others and give you greater ground to stand."


Thankfully, A LOT has shifted in the past few weeks since returning to Australia after our visit home to the States. I’m not suddenly completely healed, happy, and on the other side, but spring has definitely sprung in my heart. I feel the light and warmth again of a promised summer (emotionally, spiritually, and physically!) and couldn’t be more thankful. 

In the past month God has showered me with lessons, teachings, and wisdom from this time of spiritual winter and knit them deep into my bones.

I am going to share these with you here each week.

I hope that they shine light into your life as they have in mine.

I’ve been reminded in this season of the importance of giving to others. I would love to be a beacon of light for you if you choose to read and reflect what I’m learning into your own life.

Just one lesson for today, and the rest will reveal themselves in the weeks to come...


As I mentioned above, I’ve struggled with feeling homesick these past few months. After all the travel, all I wanted was to be in a familiar place with familiar people doing familiar things. I looked forward to visiting home with hopes that this familiarity would be the antidote to my unease.

It was wonderful to see and visit everyone, but it did not give me that deep, sustainable inner sense of peace and relief I longed for.

It took me the whole trip to piece it together, but eventually I realized one thing: 


Home isn’t just a physical place. Nor is home solely your family, friends, community or tradition. 


They help! They are parts of what make up a home, but they are not the answer. They are not the foundation.

Home comes from within.

Being home is being in deep connection with your spirit and God.

Home is a feeling you internally create with your Creator at any moment from anywhere in the world.

Making a home for yourself is choosing to rest and trust in God, wherever you may lay your head that night.

One day, I look forward to having a home to call my own again, but for now this lesson has been very profound.

It is a lesson I am still learning and must remind myself of each day as I live away from the physical place I call home.

To remember that to be home is to be with God, and He is always with me.

Have you ever felt homesick or unsettled? Have you been searching for the feeling of home and struggled to find it? You’re not alone! Share your story with us in the comments below!


Wishing you peace,



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