What do you want in life?

What do you REALLY want?

Stop and give yourself at least 3 minutes to really consider this.

I’ve asked myself this question a lot lately, and had a lot of fun listening to others answer it for themselves.

We’re quick to say what we want. But to what we REALLY want, we need to stop and think. There’s an undercurrent we must tap into to truly answer this question.

I’ve gotten a lot of responses from myself and others, and I’ve discovered that there is a simple, underlying and often unspoken, theme to them all:


What we REALLY want in life, is to BE who we authentically are, and were created to become. 


If we BE this person, our best self and person of truth, the outcomes are the answer to all else we want: impact, purpose, meaning, legacy, contentment, peace, love, freedom, connection, family, relationships, community, success, etc.

But in order to have the outcomes we really want, we must first start within by BEING who we really are.


If you strip away the typical answers like your job, what you do, etc., how do you answer this question?

Who are you REALLY…?  Or better yet:  Who do you WANT to be? 

The further I go along my journey, the more I realize that I’m trying to (1) discover who I really am and (2) be that. I used to think that I needed to become someone else, or become something I wasn’t already. But what I’ve discovered, is that life is an unveiling, and an uncovering, of who I already am. And through practice, developing the confidence to BE her. She already exists inside of me. Right now. I just need to get rid of everything that isn’t her; strip away all that is false, fake and inauthentic.


“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it.” – Steven Pressfield


Imagine in your mind’s eye, a large block of stone. YOU are inside of it. Your true, best, highest self. The Sculptor approaches the block of stone and begins his work on creating this piece of art, that is youHe begins by knocking out large pieces, and as the process continues, getting more and more refined. Chiseling, carving, shaping, sculpting, sanding, smoothing... After hard work, time, dedication, visioning, creativity and attention to detail, a beautiful, solid, strong sculpture emerges.

As we go through life, this same process happens to us if we choose and allow it. Not to the physical body, but to the SOUL of who we really are inside. 

You are enough. Your best self already lives inside of you. You don’t need to add anything on or become something you’re not. You just need to strip away, let go and surrender, all that isn’t you. Then, you can become that person inside that you really want to be. And from that place, you live from the inside out, and find naturally and externally what you want, because you’re satisfying the true desire of the heart from within.

Who is this person inside of you that you already are, and that you want to become? Considering the sculpture metaphor, what do you look like right now? Be honest. What needs to change? What needs to go in order to become more formed and defined?

And finally, WHO is sculpting your life? Who have you given the tools to and let shape who you are? What would it look like to give them more time and influence to mold you? Or do you need to change WHO has the tools and control over your life and who you are becoming?

LOTS of questions, I know. But please gift yourself the time of asking and answering them. What greater work could you do than on yourself? YOU are the one constant that is connected with all else in your life. 


Always here for you,



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