I used to think that being broken was a bad thing. That to break, look imperfect or fractured, meant that I was failing, less-than or lacking. I actually believed at one point that there was something fundamentally wrong with me.


If you’ve ever thought or felt this way hear me: 

It is a lie. It is not true. 


Your humanity is broken. But your spirit is wholly perfect, impenetrable and complete. I’ve hit my own understanding of rock-bottom a few times, and what I’ve learned from my own experiences is this:

Brokenness needs to happen when your life isn’t structured properly, when your false self is running your life and playing god where it shouldn’t be.

What we often fail to see in moments of pain, is that brokenness is actually a gift. If we are willing to soften and accept it. It is a gift of breaking apart the ego and dying to the false self, in order to live as our true selves, the eternal spirit within us. Each time I find myself broken again, I know it’s time to surrender. To throw in the chips, to let it go, and give it up. Not in the sense that I roll over, give up, and die. But in the sense that I release my grip and open my hands.

If we are courageous enough to believe it, our brokenness is the bumper that pushes us back on track. When I am smart enough to catch myself in these moments now, I’ve learned to actually ASK to be broken further. The sooner I can break, and the more pieces I can fall into, the more freedom I experience, the faster I move through it, and learn from it. 

No matter how good you are at catching yourself though, this process takes time. You can’t rush through it. You have to actually sit in it, trust the process, and wait. These times are in your life because they have something (more likely many things!) to teach you. In your brokenness is a voice. Listen to it. Ask it, “What am I meant to learn here? What are you trying to show and teach me?"

When you finally break, and everything that is false and unstable falls away, what you’re left with is what is TRUE and REAL. The goal in your life that never tarnishes or fades: God, your spirit, and others. At the moment of total brokenness God can finally have the space to show up and begin His good work in your life.


From the ashes of the death of your ego and false self, You rise.


From THIS foundation, you build. A life structure with roots of truth and authenticity that will not fail you. My most challenging times have been the greatest gifts of depth, wisdom, and strength. No matter how painful they were, I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They are my most precious gems. I worked hard for them.

If you look back on your life, can you see how this is true for you as well? If not, if you’re still harboring guilt, resistance, or resentment, I encourage you to go back and mine for the gold that still waits for you. The wisdom, freedom, and peace.

I will leave you with one last thing. A beautiful image that came to me recently:


Seeing yourself as a broken human vessel,

also see the light of Truth within you,

and notice that the more broken and cracked your outer shell of humanity is,

the more the light living within can be seen,

not only for yourself, but for all others to see and be reminded of their own light as well.

We are all broken vessels, that contain the most pure, perfect, and holy light. This we share in common, and are never alone.


How has your brokenness and pain turned into your greatest gift? We would love to hear your stories in a personal message or in the comments below!


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Be well,



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