I've spent a lot of time worrying the last few months. I worried about money, jobs, food, my body, what we were doing next, if what we were doing right now was “right”... Basically, worrying way too much!

I’d constantly check our bank account, think about what to do next with work, and obsess over how I was going to make all that I wanted actually happen. It felt frustrating, uninspiring, scary, meaningless, and hopeless. Not at all how I wanted to live my life or encourage others to live!

I felt really inauthentic. I didn’t feel like myself. In recent weeks I’ve realized that my focus was completely in the wrong place. I was focused on fear. 

Fear there wouldn’t be enough money. Fear I wasn’t good enough. Fear I would fail. Fear I wouldn’t make it. It kept me from enjoying where I am now, and from moving steadily and confidently forward in my life.


Wherever you set your mind and focus your eyes, is what will feed you, direct your steps, and create your reality.


I had my eyes set on fear and doubt, so my thoughts, emotions, actions, and results were all a fruitless product of that! Fear and doubt. What a waste of time and energy, right?

When you only allow yourself to look at what scares you, you won’t be able to see the light, hope, or possibility that already exists all around you. You will be blinded by whatever you choose to look at.

As I’ve woken up to make this realization once again in my life, I’ve reset my focus, and it makes ALL the difference.




When you set your eyes and focus on hope and goodness, that is what you will see come through for you.

Personally I’ve chosen to focus on God, helping others, hope, trust, and the possibilities of where I am right now. 

Don’t obsess over the past or the future, set your eyes on who you want to be right now. Let that light give you the energy to live joyfully and fully, moving forward day by day, wherever it may take you. Trust and know that it is good!


Where we look, determines not only where we go, but how we move towards it.


As always I can’t encourage you enough to PRACTICE this. Knowing something intellectually unfortunately isn’t enough, or else all of us would be sailing smoothly through life, happy and always at peace.

You’re smart. I know you understand everything I wrote above, but I challenge you to put it into action by intentionally setting your focus each day, so that in those moments where your mind shifts back to the darkness of fear, doubt, etc., you will catch it faster, and know how to reset back to the light

I can’t wait to see what this insight and practice opens up for you in your life. If you let it, it can shift everything.

Let us know in the comments below!

Your biggest fan,


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“Turn your eyes upon Jesus,
Look full in his wonderful face,
And the things of earth will grow strangely dim,
In the light of His glory and grace."