Alicia Barrera

Working with Sarah was the launching point that catapulted me towards a journey I could have only dreamt of. 


Before coaching with Sarah I had a lot of anxiety. 

I was pulled between commitments at home and my deep desire to travel the world. I was afraid of flying on airplanes, and struggled to create healthy boundaries between my work and home lives.

During our time together she made made feel like I could truly open up and be myself without judgement. In expressing my fears and goals she not only challenged me to grow, but showed me love and compassion.

Sarah gave me the strength to believe in myself, and helped me realize that I have to do what is best for my own personal journey.

Now I'm able to face my fears head-on.

Since working with Sarah I've traveled to more then 10 countries, flown on over 30+ airplanes, and no longer question myself when making decisions that feed my soul. 

Sarah is a gift to work with. She gave me the tools I needed to discover my own strength inner voice that I wanted to find so badly, and valued so much in her.

Sarah’s not only a wonderful coach, but also an inspiration. I feel blessed to have connected paths with such a strong woman. 

Spending time with her will inspire you to believe in yourself, and become the kick-ass woman you know you are!