Your Freedom Sister



Your Freedom Sister

Sick of struggling and ready for
your life to take off?

Do you want to step up, live your purpose,
and make your dreams a reality?

Guess what, Sister? You didn't come here to suffer.

You were made to be free!

I'm here to guide you on the spiritual journey it takes to get there.

Hey! I'm Sarah Doo.

I'm a Lifestyle Designer and Mindset Coach who's dedicated to helping purpose-driven women break free of the barriers that keep them from reaching their highest potential and becoming the person they most want to be.

I know what it feels like to have a deep desire to make a difference in the world and live life on your own terms; to have a soul-stirring vision for your life that isn't yet a reality. 

I know how frustrating it can be to feel like you were made for more but lack the clarity, confidence, and momentum it takes to achieve the vision and success you want for your future.

Sister, you don't have to stay stuck and struggle like this any longer! 

It is my mission to help you debunk all of the negative thoughts and limiting beliefs keeping you from becoming the best version of yourself and creating a life you absolutely love.

Personally, I've gone from having no idea what to do with my life with little understanding of who I truly am, to finding my life's purpose and the strength, confidence and faith to actually LIVE it.

I've broken free of my struggle with depression, anxiety, self-worth, and identity and committed to an epic spiritual journey of becoming my true self and showing up in the world.

I'm here to guide you in doing the same because guess what?! You know that secret vision you have that you're almost too afraid to admit you want for yourself? That dream is actually possible! 

And not only is it possible, but pursuing it is the best thing you could do for yourself and others. Playing small never served anyone, least of all yourself. 

The journey begins with self-love. It starts with YOU, Sister!

The freedom is waiting for you. The victory is already won. 

All of the answers you're seeking, success you're craving, and healing you desire is already living within you. You already have all of the wisdom, power and confidence you need, you've just got to learn how to let go and plug in. The greatest teacher and guide is within you.

I used to think that my problems were outside of myself and my control, but that couldn't have been further from the truth. The only real problem I ever had was in my mind, and I'll bet the same holds true for you. 


Your thoughts and beliefs create your reality.

The only thing between where you are now and where you want to be is your ego: that negative, doubtful, fear-based voice in your head that tells you you're not enough-- good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, far enough, wealthy enough, experienced enough... It's exhausting right?! 

You are not that voice! It's not your truth. Are you ready to be done with it?

I'm an expert at helping women peel themselves away from the lies, darkness and delusion to stand confidently in their power and truth because this was something I really struggled with...

I confidently know who I am and why I'm here today, but that hasn't always been the case. I listened to the fear-based voice of my inner critic for years. She kept me small, stuck, and unfulfilled. When she ran the show, I repressed my purpose and true identity. I didn't feel like myself and really struggled. It was a lonely, dark-night-of-the-soul experience I wouldn't wish upon anyone.

I let my mind starve my spirit for so long I began to believe that something was wrong with me, that I was broken. My thoughts literally made me sick.

To read more about my story keep scrolling down to the bottom of this page. Or click here.


I've come a long way since then and learned a lot. It's been a wild ride but nothing else has as been as rewarding, impactful, or life changing as this.

Committing to becoming more of my true, healthy self each day has been the game-changer in my life. I'm still learning and make mistakes, but I've begun a hero's journey I'll never walk away from. I'm in it for life, and I'd love nothing more than to bring you with me!

Like me, you are here for a reason. You are unique and have a gift that no one else can bring. It's time to get out of your own way and bring the vision in your heart into reality. The life you're dreaming of is possible and you don't need to feel bad for wanting it.

When you rise out of the ashes and step up in life, you not only change yourself, but inspire others to do the same.

If you're done struggling, done wishing, waiting, and hoping... If you're ready to do the work it takes to create a live a life you truly love, let's talk!

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Sarah Doo

Professional Bio


Sarah Doolittle is a Lifestyle Designer and Mindset Coach who helps purpose-driven women reach their highest potential and live a life they love. Working globally, she teachers do-gooders how to master their inner critic and be guided by the voice of truth within. She's unshakably dedicated to helping the wholehearted women of the world find the confidence, strength, freedom, courage, and resilience they need to become who they most want to be, and make the impact only they can create. 

Sarah completed her training through the Coach Training Institute based in California, but attributes most of her wisdom and education to God, the teachers before her, and the playing field of life. After four years as a Division I collegiate athlete, she's gone on to train the mind, body, and spirit through a number of yoga studios, wellness companies, sport teams, fitness studios and retreats.

Sarah's worked with businesses such as Lululemon, Corepower Yoga, F45, and Kick-Ass Retreats.



But Who Are You, Really?


But Who Are You, Really?

You and I probably aren't that different. 

I'm just a free spirit with a lot of passion, heart and determination.


Taylor. My gorgeous husband who's never stopped believing in me. 

Travel. Escape the bubble and try new ways of living.

Dark Chocolate. The guilty pleasure I don't feel guilty about.

HIIT. Pump the tunes, cue the sweat.

Cozy Spaces. Fireplace, blankets, candles, cup of tea in my hands.


Jesus. The soul brother who gave me life and set me free.

Essential oils. There's an oil for everything!

Being weird. If I made you smile I Win!

Finer things. Quality and keeping it minimalistic. 

Game of Thrones. I don't watch TV, but I will indulge in this!

I'm in love with...

Mother Earth. Unplug me in the BWCA and watch me recharge.

Almond Butter. By the spoonful. i love fat.

Extra long Hugs. I just never let go. 

Funky Cafes. exposed brick. specialty coffee. almond or coconut milk. Dirty Chais.

Adventure. Wind in my face. Fresh air in my lungs. the great unknown ahead of me.

Yoga. Moving meditation, or just give me some savasana.


My People. Family, friends, soul brothers and sisters.

Coconut Oil. I've got 99 problems and coconut oil solved 87 of them.

Health. Nerding out to all things nutritional, NATURAL and holistic.

Sia. I cannot help but dance.

Learning. Always reading 10 books at a time.

Meditation. I wouldn't be a nice person without it.

Soulpreneurs. Anyone who makes the world a better place.


My Story

My Story

My Story

My Story

One of the questions I get asked most often is, "How did you get started in all of this?"

Well Sister, my story answers that question. 

It's a story of self-healing, self-discovery and self-love; of finding out who I truly am, why I'm here, and bringing all that to life on earth. You'll notice it's less about where I went and what I did, and more a story of what I experienced in my soul and who I became through it. I never knew such a journey existed until now.

I'm so glad I've found it, and I'm honored to share it with you here.

I invite you to grab yourself a cuppa, get comfortable, and dive in. xo

Post-Grad Drop

After I graduated from college I had no idea what to do with my life.

It felt like I had been tirelessly hiking up a mountain throughout school only to reach the top and fall off of a cliff. I build so much of my identity and self-worth into the successful Division I athlete and honors student I was that I didn't know who to be or what to do without it.

I had a big heart and passion to help others. I knew I had a purpose and was here for a reason, but I had no idea what that was or how to make it happen. Even when I had a glimmer of what I felt called to do, I completely doubted my capabilities and remained stuck in "comfort".

I was scared, insecure, and self-conscious. I dreaded the question, "What do you do?" because I never felt good enough. I was ashamed of who I was and what I was doing. I hid and pulled myself away from others. My negative state drained me of all my energy and I no longer felt like myself. I knew I wasn't living to my potential. 

After months of tears, pain and spiraling downward asking myself, "Am I depressed?" I finally had a wake-up call and asked for help.

A ray of freedom broke through once I accepted the truth of where I was in that moment and let others in. I realized I wasn't alone. 


Hitting Rock Bottom

I filled out a 10-question survey at the doctor's office and was prescribed an antidepressant.

I was almost relieved to find something "wrong" with me, but equally devastated to feel so incredibly broken. Since mental illness ran in my family history, I assumed this to be my fate and burden to bear for the rest of my life. 

Despite the medication, it felt as if everything was falling apart: my relationships, health, career, spirituality. Thankfully I never wanted to hurt or kill myself, but I remember thinking it would be best for me to move, leave, or somehow escape it all and start over. When I looked around I could only see the pain I caused myself and others.

The longer it continued, the more painful it became for me to be around others. I could no longer mask my struggle. I wish I would have used this opportunity to open up, let others in and heal, but I kept building and reinforcing walls to keep them out. I didn't want to be seen.

I knew something needed to change, but I'd hit the end of my rope and had no idea what to do...


A Divine Encounter

I went to a cabin in the woods to be alone for 3 days.

I spent the entire first day crying out to God. I prayed endlessly, asking for help and direction in my life. In my selfishness I hurt the man I loved and was about to lose him forever. I was in turmoil and felt no peace. I heard no answer from God the entire day, and went to bed absolutely hopeless.

The next morning I woke with the deepest, indescribable peace I had ever experienced. My ego had completely shattered and God could finally come in. I was more present, soft, and loving towards myself than ever before. The mental drama was gone from my head. I simply made a cup of coffee, sat outside in nature, and began to journal.

As I wrote, God spoke. Words of scripture came flooding into me. As I sat and listened to the faint and silent sounds of nature, I heard His voice. He didn't tell me exactly how to "fix" my life, but just to hear Him was enough.

He said:

  • I am in you and you are in me. We are one. 
  • My power is made perfect in your weakness.
  • Trust and obey. In time you shall know.

I realized I needed to completely break and surrender in order to let God work within me. I asked Him to and He did. He still keeps His promise.

We spent the entire day together, a slice of heaven down on earth. I was healed.


After the three days I was called back home to repair and rebuild my life. 

I was finally able to see all of the self-inflicted destruction I had caused, and knew it was my job to fix it. I didn't know what to do and I didn't have a plan. I only knew the first step, and trusted God would be with me wherever I went. 

I went to Taylor (my boyfriend at the time) to apologize for who I had been, and commit to giving back all of the love that he'd given me for so long that I took for granted and stole away. For the first time ever I knew deep within me that he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with, but I had to let this go and set him free to make his own decisions.

I spent the following months solely focused on loving others and being of service. I quit looking at my own pain and put all of my energy into connecting with God and repairing what my ego had almost destroyed. 

Challenges still arose, but instead of resisting life I moved with the natural flow of it. Things started coming together and falling into place with incredible and unfathomable ease.

Just 5 short months after hitting rock bottom, I was happier than ever before and Taylor asked me to marry him.

The struggles have always been a call to come home.

Symptoms such as depression and anxiety are loving signals from our Truth asking for physical, psychological, and/or spiritual healing and restructure. I needed all three. I had forgotten my true identity, ignored the importance of my physical health, and repressed my passion and purpose. 

The Search for Healing + Purpose

I enjoyed our first year of marriage together but couldn't stop The big life questions from flooding in: Who am I? Why am I here? 


Still on antidepressants, I sought ways to heal myself. I knew the medication was only a bandaid for my symptoms, not a cure for the underlying cause. Deep down I knew I wasn't really depressed. I knew it wasn't my truth; I knew I was greater than it and could rise above. But how...?!

There was inner work to be done and only I could do it. I made it my mission to find healing and make my life about something greater. I made the decision not to pass this genetic trait on to future generations. I didn't want this for my life or my children's; I would be the one who broke the chain.

I drew a line in the spiritual realm and declared, "This ends with me."

I dove headfirst into anything I believed would provide this healing journey. I prayed. I practiced and taught yoga. I studied and devoured everything I could get my hands on regarding holistic health: nutrition, exercise, Ayurveda, herbalism, acupuncture, you name it! I had conversations with coaches, counselors, therapists, naturopaths, anyone who would talk to me.

I blew with the wind, following my curiosity and exploring my passions. The more I learned, the more I came alive. Eventually I chose to become a life coach. After what I'd been through, all that I was learning, and the life I was committed to living, I saw it as the perfect foundation to begin helping others. 

I decided to lead others on a healing journey of spiritual awakening, revival, and strength.

Lessons in Alchemy

My deepest darkness showed me my greatest light. My depression, what I was most ashamed of, suddenly became one of the greatest gifts I had ever received.


I confused my true identity with being a broken, depressed person, but eventually saw this limiting belief for the lie and detriment it actually was. 

Upon realizing this, I turned my struggle into a launching point to help people find healing and purpose, to be the best version of themselves and do what they love. I trained to be a coach and learned how to continually be in the act of creating my life and experiences. 

I had come so far, but knew there was more work to do of my own so I hired a life coach to help. One by one, I transformed my failures into success, my weaknesses into strength, my tears into triumph, and my setbacks into my greatest achievements. 

I started coaching clients and life was good, but I still had this nagging feeling that I was created for more, that I wasn’t living to my full potential. I knew I was still playing small and hiding, but I couldn’t seem to figure out what “more” really was or how to get there. 

Each morning I took my antidepressant and felt inauthentic. I had made peace with where I was and accepted it, but I didn’t want to stay there. I worked with wellness practitioners and tried a variety of holistic modalities in hopes of tapering off of my medication. I failed twice and was told by multiple people that I wasn’t ready, and should expect to stay on them long-term… It hurt to hear this, but I still refused to settle for this future. 

I was committed to stepping up in my life, playing a bigger game, freeing myself of depression, and showing up more fully in the world.

An Unexpected Adventure

September 2015 my husband and I left everything we knew behind us for a great adventure. 


What we thought would be 5 months living in England, turned into 2 years around the world. We lived in the UK, traveled throughout Europe, then landed a home base in Sydney, AU for just over a year before hitting SE Asia on our way back to the US. 

It was an absolutely amazing time, truly, but to be honest, it was also the most challenging and uncomfortable period of my life. I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities we had and what the experience has shown, taught, and created within me, but it was not an easy road. 

I realized my depression was NOT something that genetically happened TO me, completely outside of my control, but was something I allowed to happen to myself. I chose it and I was responsible. For the first time I quit looking outside of myself for another person, product, or service to heal me, and began looking and listening within.

As I traveled I met a lot of new faces and experienced many different ways of life. I began noticing all of the limitations people created for themselves through the thoughts and beliefs they unconsciously chose, and like a mirror saw how much I did the same. Mindset was the game-changer, it was the one component that set everyone apart. It separated the rich from the poor, the joyful from the suffering, the success from the struggle.

I slowly lead myself in tapering off of my medication. In a process of self-love, I listened for what I needed, and felt for the right times to decrease further. It wasn’t long before our trip took a different shape and became a whole new adventure of it’s own.

It became a wild journey of discovering who I truly am and the purpose for which I am here.

Getting to the Root

I ripped off the bandaid and started doing “The Work”.


Three days into Australia I completely went off of my medication and began working to get to the bottom of what lead me into a state of depression in the first place. Life got really interesting and very challenging. 

I realized on an even deeper level that the only problems I ever experienced were self-created in my head. I started to see how powerful my thoughts and beliefs were, how they literally created my reality, moment by moment, and that it was all a choice. The belief system I had of myself and the world created a filter through which I saw and experienced the factual circumstances of life. I saw how small I'd made myself, when in truth, I was capable of achieving anything.

I recognized my reoccurring thoughts and questioned all of them. Was I really not good enough? Why? When did I start believing this? What reality did this thought create? What’s really true? What do I want to believe? I woke up to the realization that I was not my mind, that I was living in a story in my head, and constantly operating out of fear. 

Once I woke up, I totally broke down. I didn’t know how to handle the weight of taking sole responsibility for everything. 

I saw the extent of my humanity, the insanity I created, and was overwhelmed and disturbed. How could I be so selfish? So self-centered, indulgent, and blind? Instead of having compassion or forgiving myself, I was disgusted and began to do everything I could think of to make up for all of the lack and failure. 

I learned the importance of having both Truth and Grace in your life. You must take responsibility and value discipline, but you must also practice self-love.

If I wasn’t my mind, who was I? Who did I want to be?

Restructured Identity

I’d put so much of my identity and self-worth into external sources my entire life: my accomplishments, My failures, my job, my family, my friends, my body, my home, my possessions...

Living on the other side of the world out of a backpack gave me the unique experience of almost losing it all, without actually losing anything. I still had my family, friends, etc., but none of it was physically there anymore to help define or validate who I am.

A veil was lifted and I saw how my ego had chased after the world through travel, status, image... Everything I thought would bring me happiness failed— it all disappeared from my hands and crumbled beneath my feet. I was living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, exploring iconic places many have only dreamed of, but after a while it made me sick, it didn't fulfill a deep need from within me. As I looked at my life, I didn’t like what I had created, so I began the task of choosing again and recreating.


I found solid ground to stand on once I turned to God and fully committed to my health, growth, relationships and spirituality. The best way I can describe the transformation that occurred in me is this: I was asleep and I woke up. I lost myself and found an upgraded person (Sarah 2.0). I died and was reborn. I met Jesus and was recreated anew. Everything had been healed, forgiven, and swept away as I stepped out of living the past and the future, and began living in the present moment. 

With this blank slate, I took to action on deciding who I wanted to be, and becoming the woman I truly am.

Becoming Grace

Just like a phoenix rising from the ashes, so I am here today.

I’ve had a vision of the woman I aspire to be in my mind for a long time now. Her name is Grace. 

Grace is my best self, my highest being and my truest essence. She’s the woman I truly am, the woman I was created to be, the woman that I already am, and the one I’m working to become more of each day. Grace has been knocking on my door for a very long time.

I’ve always had tremendous value but could never see it for myself, nor believe overs when the told me. I only saw what I didn’t have and felt lack. My mind ran my life, blinding me to the joy and beauty that already existed.

I spent years trying to be like someone else, be perfect, fit a mold and achieve perfection. I placed my identity and self-worth into things outside of myself, and was never enough. I chased after my life’s purpose as if it was something to be found and accomplished, but I was greatly fooled. Now I know that I am a child of God and my purpose is to be who I am, the gift I was by nature created, and commit to becoming more and more of this true self each day. I learned that when I live my purpose in this order, the mission that manifests into the world flows out naturally.


I’ve always been Grace, the woman I aspire to be. I just didn't know it, I couldn't believe it or trust her. She's been patiently waiting to be realized. 

I’ve always been the leader, the intuitive one, the friend you go to when you need clarity, guidance, and truth, the one who gives you a big hug and doesn’t let you go, the coach that sees your potential and truth and stops at nothing to help you bring it to life. I am a seeker, a teacher, and a dreamer who expands what you believe possible. My fear hid and stifled it all until now.

This journey has given me a gift that I cannot keep to myself or contain. It must be shared with others. The gift I received is Freedom. Freedom from the mind, freedom from all of the lies, deception, and illusion that keeps us scared, stuck, and suffering. The freedom to Be: to be ourselves and know that we are enough. The freedom to experience joy and peace, fulfillment and love. The freedom to show up, play big, create change, make a difference, and have an impact.

I don’t pretend to have life figured out, believe me! The more I learn, the more I realize how little I actually know. But I do know this: you are a gift and we need you, just as you are. This isn’t about achieving perfection or becoming someone you’re not. 

This is about showing up and remembering who you really are, becoming and creating more and more of her each day. This is your original purpose. 

Commit to this journey and before you know it you will experience a love so deep, a joy so high, you won’t be able to contain it either. 

If you're still here, you're here for a reason...


take a moment to get curious and consider What's brought you here and why. 

Not everyone reads all the way through to the end but you did. Why do you think you're here?

Did a part of my story stir something within your heart? Make you pause or question? Open a door for a ray of light to enter?

I don't believe in coincidences. I believe in divine guidance. Every moment is an opportunity for you to choose a better life. 

You don't need my coaching or anyone's help. You can walk away from this and continue moving forward in your life with success... but what if you didn't? What if you chose a different path? 

What if you stepped up? Said yes? Chose love over fear instead?

What could your life look like? What would change?

I pray that you would stop letting fear run your life. I pray that you would quit letting your mind steal away the unique gift that you are, the precious present moments of your life, and the abundant, joy-filled future that is your birthright. 

I encourage you to trust in a power greater than your own and hold onto the faith that everything is happening FOR you. Look and listen: allow your life to unfold in the hands of Love.


Sarah Doo